Affiche_VIAN-40x60-BDBecause of its success, the show is extended to September 2nd.
The theater will be on recess on 21st June and 13th July.

Froth on the Daydream (original title «L’Ecume des Jours»), written by
Boris VIAN, adapted by Paul EMOND, staged by Sandrine MOLARO and
Gilles-Vincent KAPPS, starring Roxane BRET, Maxime BOUTERAON and
Antoine PAULIN.

They’re three: one girl, two boys of today. A heart-touching story,
about love and friendship. A musical journey into Boris Vian’s
fantastic and poetic universe.

Not to be missed!

(From Tuesday to Friday, 9 pm – 4 pm and 9 pm on Saturday)