Molière d'honneur 2000The last of the “big little scenes” created in the Latin Quarter during the 1950s, the Theatre de la Huchette has seen seven presidents elected, endured the Algerian War and then May ’68. It has watched the transition to colored television and resisted four energy crises. The theatre has also witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, the birth of the Euro, the attack on the Twin Towers, and survived through the subprime mortgage crisis. For this theatre life has been 70 years of thrill, drama, ultimatums, crises, applause, and joy. From expositions to birthdays, readings, conferences, etc. this page announces all the events that mark out life of this unique little theatre.



Afterward  the triumph of « La Poupée sanglante » and « L’Ecume des jours », the Huchette Theater presents his new musical show, officiant thus in 2018 his seventyth birthday.

Seven decates of emotion, creation, discovery, boldness, pertness, and love of the Theater.

Till Tuesday to Friday on 21h- Saturday 16h and 21h, « COMEDIENS ! » invests the Huchette tray.


La Société Historique du 6°May 23, 2013, at the city hall of Paris’s 6th arrondissement Caroline Raynaud and Cécile Obligi librarians from the Bibliotèque national de France [Bnf] (France’s national Library) were invited by the historical society of the 6th arrondissement to give a conference on the Théâtre de la Huchette. Using the archives bequeathed to the Bnf by the theatre in 2010, which had been superbly displayed in an exposition in the Galerie des donateurs (Patron’s Gallery) in February 2012, the conference was a fascinating hour and a half that explored the history of the theatre.


In 2010 the Théâtre de la Huchette donated its archives to the Bibliotèque nationale de France. From these materials librarians Caroline Raynaud and Cécile Obligi and exposition organizer Joel Cramesnil created a magnificent exposition in the Galerie des donateurs. With the diversity and the abundance of the documents presented this exposition is a window into the life of and is an incredible mark of recognition for our theatre.


In the summer of 2012 Thomas Devouge filmed his first short film Mrs Smith, a brilliant fictional story of the transfer of a role, in this case that of Mrs Smith a character from La cantatrice chauve. This film won the best director award at the 2013 short film festival “Mulhouse tous courts.”

Watch this short film: Code: ionesco


Simone Mozet, Odette Barrois, Roger Défossez, Jacques Legré, Nicolas Bataille, Claude Darvy, La Cantatrice chauve, 6 février 2007, © PhélipIn 2007 the Théâtre de la Huchette celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Ionesco Show playing in the Théâtre de la Huchette. On February 16, 1957 La Cantatrice chauve and La Leçon reunited for a run that was only supposed to last a month… 50 years later the Ionesco Show performed for the 15,755th time.

The theatre marked the occasion beginning with a week of readings of the works of contemporary playwrights, followed by two panel discussions on the topic Creation in the face of criticism and The end of little theatres?

The highlight was the special casting lined up for La Cantatrice chauve the week of February 16, 2007. Nicolas Bataille, Simone Mozet and Odette Barrois reprised their roles as Mr and Mrs Smith and the Maid nearly 57 years after their first performance together May 10, 1950.

Marcel Cuvelier, 9 février 2007, © PhélipMarch 5, 2007 an exceptional evening was held at the city hall of Paris’s 5th arrondissement. In front of an audience of 400 people the troupe and select VIP guests presented a colourful show while the experimental photographic organization chart 57/60 was projected. Directed by Gauthier Fages and based on an idea by Armel de Lorme, this chart was put together with the participation of the actors that have been a part of the Ionesco Show since 1957.

October 2nd the Bibliotèque nationale de France also marked the anniversary of this incredible theatrical success by organizing an evening and showing exclusive clips of La Cantatrice chauve and La Leçon that had been filmed in 1965 by Jean Ravel and produced by Marin Karmitz. As an introduction the actors of the Huchette performed L’Impromput de la Bnf, a short play written especially for the event by Gonzague Phelip and directed by Guy Moign. It was also an occasion to celebrate the publication of the book Le fabuleux roman du Theatre de la Huchette by Gonzague Phelip and published with Editions Gallimard.