Posters, post cards, programs, books, and DVDs are the souvenirs and gifts from the Theatre de la Huchette that are available for purchase at the ticket office
(with the exception of the book Le fabuleux roman du Theatre de la Huchette available only via mail order).

Le fabuleux roman du Théâtre de la Huchette

by Gonzague Phélip Editions Gallimard – 10 €

Le fabuleux roman du Théâtre de la Huchette de Gonzague Phélip - Edition Gallimard - 10 €Some of France’s most celebrated actors such as Antoine Vitez and Laurent Terzieff to Jacqueline Maillan and Jean Louis Trintignant began their careers here. Through the efforts of Nicolas Bataille and Marcel Cuvelier, one of the most unique and daring chapters of contemporary theatre was written.

The Théâtre de la Huchette is one of the smallest theatres in Paris yet, it is one of the most well known in the world. What is the secret that has made it famous from Tokyo to San Francisco? Two plays that have ran for half a century; La cantatrice chauve and La Leçon that have drawn more than half a millions spectators to the theatre.

This captivating book filled with testimonies and illustrations, details the remarkable history of this renowned little theatre.

You can order by sending your name and complete address (last name, first name, street address, city, postal code, phone number) and a check for the total amount of your order (price of books + shipping costs) to the following address:
Théâtre de La Huchette, To the attention of the administration – 23 rue de la Huchette 75005 PARIS.

Shipping costs:
1 book : + 3,25 €
2-3 books : + 4,20 €
4-5 books : + 5,50 €

Your will receive your order within 10 days maximum.

Order of 1 book : 10 € + 3,25 = 13,25 €
Order of 2 books: 20 € + 4,20 = 24,20 €
Order of 3 books: 30 € + 4,20 = 34,20 €
Order of 4 books: 40 € + 5,50 = 45,50 €
Order of 5 books: 50 € + 5,50 = 55,50 €

For an order of more than 5 books please send an email first to explaining your order request.

Le théâtre, c'est pas un métier, Nicolas Bataille - 15 €Le théâtre, c’est pas un métier !

Writen by Nicolas Bataille
15 €

“Discoverer” of Eugene Ionesco with La Cantatrice chauve, the actor and director Nicolas Bataille details his incredible adventure in the theatre in this book full of humor.




Affiche 50ème anniversaire - 3 €Fiftieth anniversary poster

3 €

The design originally created by Jacques Nöel in 1959 reinvented and modernized to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Ionesco Show at the Théâtre de la Huchette.



Affiche - 3 €Massin poster

3 €

Eugene Ionesco by the renowned graphic designer Massin.




Programme - 2 €The programme

2 €

Free of advertising, a resume of the history of the Ionesco show.




Carte postale - 1 €Post card by Jacques Nöel

1 €

Original design created in 1959.




Carte postale 50ème anniversaire du Spectacle Ionesco - 1 €Fiftieth anniversary postcard

1 €

Design created by Castan for the Ionesco Show’s fiftieth anniversary at the Theatre de la Huchette.




Dvd Tante Olga de Michel Heim - 15 €Tante Olga DVD

15 €

The scathing success of the 2009 season written by Michel Heim, directed by Jacques Legré, and filmed by COPAT.