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The bald soprano et The lesson

13392034_1007657299288697_4301176168044936709_oTHE BALD SOPRANO
Tuesday – Saturday at 19:00 (7:00 PM):
Originally directed by Nicolas Bataille

Tuesday – Saturday at 20:00 (8:00 PM):

Originally directed by Marcel Cuvelier
Scenery by Jacques Noël
Performed in rotation by the cast of the Theatre de la Huchette.

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The Bald Soprano :

An autopsy of contemporary society conveyed through the trivial and absurd statements exchanged between two couples.

The Lesson :
A shy professor and an insolent pupil. The roles will soon be reversed, the tables turned.

Every Wednesday, The Bald soprano and The Lesson are subtitled in english



A story out of the ordinary

Phrase Ionesco
La Cantratrice Chauve by Eugene Ionesco was staged by Nicolas Bataille at the Theatre de Noctambules May 10, 1950. La Lecon, Eugene Ionesco’s second play, directed by Marcel Cuvelier, is staged at the Theatre de Poche on February 20, 1951. The reviews are very mixed but when these plays are performed together a second time on February 16, 1957 at the Theatre de la Huchette, the unexpected happens. The elite of Paris rush to see this unidentified theatrical object. In the sixty years since then the Ionesco Show has become an institution.

An essential

Exposition 2012 à la Bnf

Bnf exposition

Now in its 57th year the Ionesco Show continues to hold the world record for the show that has been played non-stop in the same theatre.
The nearly 18, 000 performances have been seen by over 2 million spectators.
In 1996, the Ionesco Show received the Grande Medaille de Vermeil from the City of Paris.
In the year 2000 it was presented with an honorary Moliere award.