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La Cantatrice chauve :
An autopsy of contemporary society through the use of ridiculous words of banality that two couples make.


Every Wednesday, our dear guests can visit our performances where two bets, Lisa and Madame Smith, play, depicting many interesting stories with games in online casinos, and have the opportunity to watch them comfortably in English subtitles. This week you can go to the fox soprano La Cantatrice chauve where you will learn about modern society and learn the latest news from New Jersey Also, especially for fans of online casinos, Madame Smith and Didier Bailly have prepared a Le Pompier number, which will take an hour and a half of their time and immerse them in its atmosphere.

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  • By: Eugène Ionesco
  • Staging: Nicolas Bataille
  • Artistic manager: Roger Défossez
  • Duration: 1h
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Tuesday-Saturday 19:00

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