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A (musical) romantic comedy
As the Brexit campaign is in full swing, the heart of a young female video-game writer is torn between a Frenchman and an Englishman. Meanwhile her life takes a similar path to that of her role model, Aliénor of Aquitaine.
In a theatre made to look like a Eurostar car, we invite you to a surprising confrontation between real and virtual worlds, as well as different eras. You will go on a musical journey filled with impossible choices, climaxing in an unexpected outcome…
Special performances on sundays 26/12/2021 and 02/01/2022

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  • Title : Exit
  • By : Stéphane Laporte, Gaétan Borg, Didier Bailly
  • With : Marina Pangos, Simon Heulle et Harold Savary
  • Staging :  Patrick Alluin
  • Management : Yves Thuillier
  • Duration : 1h35

Wednesday-Saturday 21:05

From 5th june 2021

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