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In summary

In the court of “blatant denial”, all blows are allowed. From the Norman peasant who, taken from an excess of drink, wants to sell his wife by the cubic meter, to the hardware sacristan who claims his due for having impregnated a bourgeoisie, Maupassant stages a gallery of characters, each more comical than the next.


“After having made people laugh, Maupassant knows how to move and Alain Payen, going without apparent effort from gaiety to sadness, shows all his art and that of a writer who knew how to paint with his pen both men and his contemporaries Impressionists knew how to paint them with their brushes. ”

(Philippe Person – www.froggydelight.com)

In short!

  • By: Guy de MAUPASSANT
  • With: Alain PAYEN
  • Staging:  Catherine BENHAMOU
  • Management: Yves Thuillier
  • Duration: 60 min

Wednesday-Friday 20:00 / Week end 17h30.

from October 7, 2020

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