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Buy the 6-SEATS PRIVILEGE HUCHETTE CARD at the advantageous price of 120 €.

Anticipate your future visits to our theater (or your future gifts!) And thus benefit from an unbeatable reduced rate (€ 20 instead of € 26 or € 28).

For your personal use or as a gift, these seats are valid for two years on all of our regular programming (excluding shows given on “exceptional dates”).

And to thank you for your loyalty, a poster will be offered to you in memory of each visit.

Once this purchase has been made, you will receive a card number by email which will allow you to use your seats as you see fit by calling our reservations department.


Flagrant Déni

Flagrant Déni

Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 5.30 p.m.
In the court of "blatant denial", all blows are allowed. From the Norman peasant who, taken from an excess of drink, wants to sell his wife by the cubic meter, to the hardware sacristan who claims his due for having impregnated a bourgeoisie, Maupassant stages a gallery of characters, each more comical than the next.

Les Cartes Blanches

Les Cartes Blanches

Sur une idée de Virginie Lemoine, le Théâtre de la Huchette donne carte blanche à une personnalité du monde de la culture. Acteurs, danseurs, chanteurs, auteurs, philosophes partageront avec vous un moment unique. Extraits de spectacles, conférences, Master class, débats philosophiques... Demandez le programme !

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